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On-trend Professional Training – Leading with Growth Mindset

Windmill strengthens our competitive edge by manifesting its corporate value in treasuring the human asset and emphasizing sustainable professional development.

We continue to invest in our people. More resources are devoted to activate our people’s growth capacity and to enhance skillsets. It is how we stay responsive and versatile against competitions and strive to improve our service level in the industry.

In July, managerial members from our project team were invited to a two-day workshop about leadership and communications. It was conducted by a professional training consultant, to groom our members in strategic planning and effective presentation. 

During the workshop, the teammate shared their valuable experience and in turn gained a richer understanding of being a team leader. They were also equipped with the tactics to prepare impactful presentation, to facilitate business meetings, and to work with various stakeholders in different contexts.

These future leaders will bring in new synergy into their pivotal roles as well as their business units. We wish they will demonstrate fruitful and successful careers with Windmill in coming days. 


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